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HOT FLASH COMMENTARY - Politics and red hot Energy at Work. Every Woman can communicate with other women to help better conditions on the planet. Green energy is a hot ticket.

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Mrs. Hughes is HILARIOUS!

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I am one of the "Golden Girls" who loved Bea (aka Maude, Dorothy) like a family member. What a classy, wonderful woman she was!

Bea was the epitomy of a strong woman with a great fertile mind, and opinions that she was never afraid to express. She did that eloquently onstage and off, with flair and finesse. Women all over the world will miss her.

Talented and ageless, Bea Arthur will continue to bring joy for generations.

Linda Lee













CANNED NEWS OF THE WEEK! Linda Lee is still having about 10 hot flashes a day. They are hot enough to drive her head into the freezer for 10 minutes at a time!

HOT FLASH COMMENTARY.COM is what a mad-as-hell menopausal woman feels and thinks about her World, her life and her condition. This is a tell-it-like-it-is Web Blog. It is not about facts as much as feelings. It is about the real World we live in, verses, the US Government and the Media concept which uses divisions of ideas to divide us and separate our power.

Ever had a hot flash? If not, Imagine having a steam bath inside a sponge diver's suit, 200 feet down and the sharks are circling - that is what a Hot Flash feels like! Some of us have a few dozen or so flashes a day. They amplify everything so the tagline is "If You Don't Like It, Don't Read It!" If you are 40 something peri-menopause is probably setting in. 50 somethings are probably still experiencing the side effects, and those 60 or even 70 something can still get hot flashes.


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This is the new land of the free for the Crabby Woman! Speak up and speak out but always speak your mind! Talk about politics, religion and sex because you can. Tell your true feelings and the hell with the facts.
The lying corrupt lawyers who run this country have made the facts meaningless anyway. They make them up and hide behind them. Then they shove lies down our throats and ignore us altogether. Why should you sacrifice anything for the crooks? Your right to express yourself has been supressed for your entire life by your parents, your government and your religion. No matter what you think, you have not been allowed to say it as you feel it!

It is not a prison until you try the door


OBama is MUCH MORE of the Same!

Trillions of dollars are being stolen from American taxpayers, while we are being reduced to slavery. Immigrants are being handed our jobs, our healthcare services, our social services, and our education. We pay for that but we don't benefit at all. We suffer. Inflation is out of control. Wall street, bankers, and corporations are making millions and billions and we all suffer! He is selling out the citizens of this country with a smooth savvy and the same (only worse) con agenda under a more attractive cover! He is Wall Street's "wonder child", hand selected to force us to buy into the NEW WORLD ORDER. How dare he be such a bold face liar! He, Mr.Geitner and company are thieves and nothing more.

He wants us to make MORE sacrifices so his bankster buddies and war-loving contract recipients can spend billions more in Afganistan and many other areas in addition to Iraq! A can of Iraqi Coke costs us $45 and a bag of laundry is $99....How much will that be in Afganistan???? $99 for a coke and $199 for one duffle bag of laundry?

Obama must stop giving in to corporate and military interests. His job is to be OUR leader and he needs to do that immediately.

Stop the wars and remove the cons from the administration and put it where the sun does not shine. The honeymoon is over and most of us are LIVID! If you call this change, then I want the old disgusting crooked con back! I despised him with a passion but you will pale him by comparison.

Mr. Obama could have been the real savior of our once wonderful country and instead is throwing away his chance for greatness to the corporate wolves. The people of this country trusted him to do our bidding. That is a far cry from what is happeniing.

This administration is prettier than the last but I do not trust him. Taxpayers are not supposed to be paying for corporate greed AT ALL. No rules are needed anymore since previous administrations have steadily been taking trashing the constitution. Bush for getting the real End Game started. Who comprises the real enemy of the American people? It seems like it is our own leaders. Not Iraq, Afganistan or anybody else...just our own stinking, corrupt government.

This is change alright! The New World Order is reducing Americans to dirt and Obama is heading the pack of corporate wolves assigned to pull it off. He will eventually be eaten by his position. The banksters who paid him tomake sure he was "elected" will undermine him as well to end up with all the wealth that we are losing. We are broke already. Stop kicking us when we are down.

Linda Lee